REVITALASH ADVANCED growth serum for lashes

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RevitaLash® ADVANCED is the beauty secret of the most beautiful stars and celebrities. The original from the USA – with a unique active ingredient complex.



Since RevitaLash Advanced eyelash serum rapidly stimulates lash thickening and lengthening, the look will be a success across the board. This eyelash serum from the United States is one of the best-selling and best-loved in the world. He promises to give a look that attracts the attention of all those who have not noticed you so far.

The popular serum helps to get long and thick lashes and prevent their loss. Your eyes will look gorgeous even without makeup. Thanks to the exclusive complex of natural active ingredients, the growth phase of the eyelashes is prolonged in a natural way. Thanks to the complex of active ingredients, the hair bulb is strengthened and supported in growth. Thus the lashes no longer fall out prematurely and continue to grow up to 25% more.

Existing lashes are strengthened and nourished and thus RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Serum has an added benefit. The growth of new eyelashes is favorably affected. This means that the lashes are thicker, as the number of individual lashes increases.

We have already tested it on many women and we are thrilled with it. With no damage to the lashes, RevitaLash Advanced serum is the secret weapon of celebrities.

Already after two weeks, there is a first feeling of well-being and after 4 weeks of use, the first visible growth results arrive. After about 6 weeks the lashes are thicker and just 8 weeks later the final result of growth and density is obtained. Thus the goal of a fascinating look that attracts attention is achieved. At this point, much less mascara than usual is needed and even without makeup, lashes and eyes look naturally healthy.