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Ricchissima di principi attivi ad alta efficacia:• Schiarisce la pigmentazione cutanea e previene la formazione di nuove macchie.• Riduce i segni dell’invecchiamento, illumina il viso.

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WHITE PERFECTION SERUM is a serum rich in highly effective active ingredients capable of giving extraordinary results:

• Lightens skin pigmentation.
• Prevents the formation of melanin and therefore of new spots.
• Reduces the signs of aging, brightens the face and plumps it.
• Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
• Restores the lipid layer of the skin and the functions of the skin barrier.
• Activates cell renewal through intelligent biological exfoliation, without the unwanted effects of traditional chemical peels.
• Reduces redness and flaking.
• Protects from degenerative, inflammatory and oxidative reactions that stimulate aging.
• Repair damaged DNA.

It uses the innovative Biomimetic Lamellar Technology for the modulation of the release kinetics of therapeutic substances that allows the active ingredients to be conveyed through all the layers of the skin up to reaching the cells responsible for discoloration and skin spots in depth. This guarantees a superior performance to common cosmetic creams.

Rich in highly effective active ingredients: • Lightens skin pigmentation and prevents the formation of new spots. • Reduces the signs of aging, illuminates the face.