SUN SOUL cream SPF50 – Water resistant face and body sun cream with very high UVA and UVB protection, recommended for the first sun exposure and for light skin types. The high sun protection combined with anti-aging active ingredients is ideal for preserving the beauty of the skin and preventing the onset of sun spots.

SUN SOUL aftersun – Soft, refreshing after-sun body cream, which helps to repair and revitalize the skin after sun exposure. Enriched with anti-aging, soothing and emollient active ingredients, it is ideal for restoring hydration and calming red skin.


Biomimetic DNA-defense peptide
Acerola extract
Photostable UVA UVB filters

81% ingredients of natural origin


Anti-aging cosmetic action.
Broad spectrum UVA UVB WATER RESISTANT protection.
DRY TOUCH texture of rapid absorption.

75 ml 60 ml