ESSENTIAL MICELLAR WATER one-step cleaning water for face, eyes and lips

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Multi-active water: cleance face, eyes and lips with a single gesture. Removes makeup, cleanses pores and cleanses without rinsing.

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ESSENTIAL MICELLAR WATER – Multi-active water for cleaning the face, eyes and lips with a single gesture. Fresh, light and extremely delicate, it removes make-up, frees pores and cleanses without rinsing. Every day, morning and evening. For everyone and especially for people who want multifunctional cleaning in a single gentle gesture. Recommended for hot and cold climates.

Three in one: face, eyes and lips. Gives an immediate feeling of freshness. It doesn’t need to be rinsed. How to use the face and lips: Soak a cotton swab and use circular motions to remove the makeup. Eyes: Soak two cotton balls, place them on the eyes and leave them on for a few seconds, then remove the make-up with pressure towards the outer corners of the eyes. Double cleansing: For a thorough cleansing, which is particularly recommended for heavy make-up, the product can be used as a second step after the milk, in order to facilitate the complete removal of all residues and to leave a pleasant feeling of freshness. Repeat the application until the cleaning is satisfactory. If desired, rinse with warm water.


BETAIN natural osmolyte from sugar beet 99% ingredients of natural origin

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